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Sunday / July 14.
HomeminewsGearing Up: 2020 the Year of Good Vision for Life

Gearing Up: 2020 the Year of Good Vision for Life

Optometry Australia has outlined its plans to seize the significant opportunity presented by the year 2020 to raise consumer awareness around the subject of eye health.

“With 20/20 being a well-known term attributed to perfect vision, and good vision a key factor for living a healthy, happy life, the year 2020 represents an important opportunity to focus attention on eye health,” said Optometry Australia CEO Lyn Brodie.

“Our sector is very active in raising awareness of the various eye conditions and diseases, and the provision of solutions for patients whether it be treatment, glasses or contact lenses.

“We would like to maximise the momentum of these campaigns to unite all aspects of optometry behind the ‘2020: The year of good vision for life’ theme so that we can deliver a consistent, united and powerful message to all Australians about eye health management and the need to see an optometrist regularly throughout life.”


In its bid to rally the sector and ramp up consumer awareness, Optometry Australia has been developing a strategic public relations campaign commencing this year and continuing throughout 2020.

To support this activity, the organisation has appointed A/t/Shift, a public relations agency that specialises in the consumer space. They will be charged with generating attention and awareness of vision and eye health messages within the Australian media, social media, and amongst key consumer influencers, based on identified 2020 campaign themes.

The agency’s activities will be supported by an advertising campaign with media channels currently being considered. Implicit within all campaign activity will be the call to action: make an appointment for an eye examination with an optometrist.


One key element of the campaign will be the ‘2020 Vision Index Report’, which will be derived by surveying Australians about their approach to eye health and their attitudes and habits with regard to their eyes. Designed to appeal to mainstream consumer media, the research will cover many topics such as glasses, contact lenses, eye conditions, disease, nutrition, workplace, driving, sport and digital behaviour.

The data from the report will be used to generate media engagement throughout the year, and the index will be a key driver of important information that will be valued by media in communicating with consumers. These data points will also be shared on a regular basis with the eye health sector as consumer-friendly infographics to further encourage share-ability and wide distribution with consumers.

The overall campaign is being designed to rally participation from all organisations involved in the eye health community. A ‘2020: The year of good vision for life’ badge has been created to drive campaign consistency throughout the sector. The badge, and a complimentary suite of visual assets, campaign key messages and other campaign collateral, are available for download on optometry.org.au. The suite offers maximum application flexibility to fit in with organisations’ existing marketing campaigns.

Optometry Australia is also keen to partner with sector organisations to drive collaborative creative campaigns.

For further information contact Kerry I’Anson or Trinity Scarf, at Optometry Australia, who are leading this project.