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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsGlaukos Positioned to Become “Formidable” in Ophthalmology

Glaukos Positioned to Become “Formidable” in Ophthalmology

Glaukos is expanding its portfolio in ophthalmology, by reaching into cornea and retinal therapies with the acquisition of Avedro and Dose Medical.

Known for its glaucoma therapy, President and CEO Tom Burns said the company’s vision has “always been broader and more inspirational” than simply focussing on this one disease.

“Over the last several years, we’ve been building the foundation to create the next formidable comprehensive eye care company in ophthalmology,” he said when speaking at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

Glaukos’ acquisition of Avedro brings a cross-linking procedure that addresses keratoconus and is expected to expand into an epi-on cross-linking procedure, as well as possible refractive uses.

“iLink is the proprietary name of our cross-linking procedure, and we expect to command a presence and make it the standard of care in keratoconus,”  said Mr Burns. “And we’re going to modulate the UVA beam to be able to reshape the cornea in fashions we see fit to treat refractive disorders in the future.”

In addition, Glaukos is in-licensing the Intratus topical therapy for dry eye disease.

“In corneal health, we already have four distinct programs that are treating three disease states and refractive disorders, and we expect this to give us a bountiful growth proposition through the 2020s,” he added.

The acquisition of Dose Medical further expands Glaukos’ reach with an entry into the retina market.

Microinvasive, bioerodible drug delivery implants are currently being tested by the company for the treatment of retinal diseases.

“A company that’s had an obsessive focus on transforming glaucoma therapy has now transformed itself into a unique, formidable, comprehensive eye care company,” he said.



Burns T. Glaukos. Presented at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference; Jan 13-16, 2020; San Francisco.