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Tuesday / July 16.
HomeminewsSafilo Launches David Beckham

Safilo Launches David Beckham

Italian optical group Safilo has launched David Beckham, a new brand of eyewear designed by the former English football star and fashion icon. Comprising 40 models, the Spring/Summer collection is the largest men’s eyewear collection to be produced by Safilo.

The collection comprises optical and sun frames, reflective of David Beckham’s own tastes and aesthetic. The Style Pioneer range has a bold, heavier appeal, featuring statement masculine pieces whereas the Timeless range presents easy-to-wear, informal pieces with slimmer acetate, and a more neutral colour palette.

What’s been really nice is that David Beckham’s been really central to the whole design process. As a sunglass lover, he’s the perfect person to launch a range

Amber O’Shaughnessy, Safilo Regional Brand and Commercial Strategy Planning Manager, said David Beckham’s involvement in the design process was crucial to the unique pieces in the collection. “What’s been really nice is that David Beckham’s been really central to the whole design process. As a sunglass lover, he’s the perfect person to launch a range,” she said.

Ms O’Shaughnessy acknowledged the main considerations that contributed to the designs; they needed to appeal to a mainstream audience, have recognisable detail, brand appeal and desirability.


“In the design process we looked at the leading male players in the industry and tried to identify what is about those brands that make them so appealing to so many different men. Everything is really easy to wear and suits a lot of face shapes.”

As a universally admired personality, David Beckham is at the centre of the brand’s promotional collateral yet his personal touches remain subtle in the design elements. Featured on the temple hinges of all the frames is David Beckham’s signature Talisman, a slim elongated diamond shape reflective of his angel wing tattoo. This, along with the ‘DB’ monogram emblazoned on the lens, was narrowed down from an originally bold branding statement which Beckham found “naff”.

“He wanted to launch a brand not just make it a thing about him,” said Ms O’Shaughnessy. “He’s really proud of the collection, this is something he really wants to do.”

A notable model in the collection is 7000S, which was designed by David Beckham with his passion for motorbike riding directly in mind. “They feature a straight temple so they can come on and off when he’s wearing the helmet quite easily and they’ve got acetate spoilers to protect his eyes from the wind and dirt. High definition lenses enhance and sharpen the contrast of the colours of the landscape,” said Ms O’Shaughnessy.

The frames and lenses in the range include a large array of colours – from honey, burgundy reds, and raspberry tones through to greens and cooler blues fading into clear. There are two sets of glasses featuring clip on lenses, both conventional clip on and magnetic, as well as specific designs dedicated to fit Asian face shapes. Lenses range from polarised and high definition to traditional glass.

“It’s very extensive and covers all different styles. He wanted a lot of styles that you can to the beach then straight out in the evening, still in the same pair.”

The David Beckham launch will comprise two collections this year, the first of which was launched in Milan, Italy in January 2020.