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Sunday / June 23.
HomeminewsSingapore Sale for Visioneering Technologies

Singapore Sale for Visioneering Technologies

Visioneering Technologies Inc (VTI) has announced the first sale of its flagship product, NaturalVue Multifocal (NVMF) contact lenses, in Singapore. The contact lenses are used on nearsighted children and adults over 40 with presbyopia.

VTI specifically targeted Singapore after identifying a significant need for myopia management solutions. The Singapore Senior Minister of State Heath has declared that over 65% of 11 year olds and over 83% of young adults in Singapore have myopia.

Dr Stephen Snowdy, VTI CEO, said “Our first sales in Singapore are a significant milestone for the Company, as VTI continues expansion into Asia. The incidence of paediatric myopia is at a critical level in Asia, and given the correlation between myopia and other serious ocular diseases, solutions to myopia progression are desperately needed.”

A study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Eye and Contact Lens, found that the NVMF lens reduced myopia progression in children by approximately 96%, with 98.4% of children showing a decrease in the rate of worsening of their myopia.1

VTI  recently received its medical device registration from the Singapore Health Sciences Authority for NVMF, which includes the use of NVMF for myopia progression control.

“VTI is proud to offer what we feel is an excellent solution to sufferers of paediatric myopia in Singapore, and looks forward to its continued expansion in Asia,” said Dr Snowdy.

Identification of, and discussions with, potential sales partners in Singapore are ongoing.


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