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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsNew Smart Glasses Could Save Lives

New Smart Glasses Could Save Lives

Ellcie Healthy, a French-based start-up, has launched Serenity smart eyeglasses, offering solutions to help overcome drowsiness when driving, and to help manage falls among elderly people.

Designed with a concentration of technology embedded in the frames, the lightweight glasses have sensors to collect physical, physiological and environmental data, and can connect to mobile applications and web media.

the lightweight glasses have sensors to collect physical, physiological and environmental data, and can connect to mobile applications and web media

The glasses were displayed at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, gaining attention as a product that “can help save lives and reduce accidents,” said business manager Theo Niktabe.


Presenting a solution to the number of potentially fatal accidents among seniors, the automatic fall detection feature alerts family or a professional helpline to provide the user with appropriate and prompt assistance.

Mr Niktabe said Serenity glasses have been designed to look like regular eyewear as opposed to smart glasses because, “Old people don’t want to wear devices for fall detection”.

The drowsiness detection alert feature informs wearers at risk of sleep when behind the wheel through analysis of yawning, head micro-drops, frequency of eyelids closing, and cabin temperature.

There are also measures under development to protect employees in professional environments. These include the potential to monitor physical activity and stress levels, vigilance for jobs requiring high attention, pollution, and the ability to warn workers of musculoskeletal disorders.

The Serenity smart eyeglasses are currently sold in France and are being launched worldwide.