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Friday / May 24.
HomeminewsAI Collaboration to Improve Outcomes

AI Collaboration to Improve Outcomes

The Centre for Eye Health (CFEH), the Universities of New South Wales and Adelaide, Menicon and the Brien Holden Vision Institute have partnered with Big Picture Medical (BPM) on a collaborative Cooperative Research Centre (CRC-P) project.

CRC-P grants, which are funded by the federal government, support short term industry led collaborations to develop important new technologies, products and services that deliver tangible outcomes to the community.

The technology to be developed by the collaboration will combine an optometrist’s expertise with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that analyse comprehensive patient eye health data to achieve specialist-level accuracy to better diagnose and manage eye disease. The aim is to reduce the number of specialist consults and save considerable avoidable costs within the Australian Health system.

According to Professor Michael Kalloniatis, Director of CFEH, “AI algorithms can provide guidance to the clinicians particularly in early diagnosis of eye disease, thereby reducing the significant false positive referrals to public hospital eye departments and also help detect disease early before irreversible vision loss occurs”.

Grant Accelerates Outcomes 

BPM has developed a technology platform that combines advanced AI data analytics and decision support algorithms to deliver improved and more accessible patient outcomes.

The CRC-P will incorporate unique intellectual property (IP) from UNSW’s Schools of Optometry and Vision Science and Computing Engineering, the CFEH and the Australian Institute of Machine Learning at the University of Adelaide into BPM’s platform.