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Saturday / April 20.
HomeminewsFor the Visionaries: Hoya Launches New Look

For the Visionaries: Hoya Launches New Look

A new brand positioning statement for Hoya recognises the role eye care professionals (ECPs) play in improving sight and reinforces the global company’s commitment to supporting their efforts.

‘For the Visionaries’ reflects the passion and commitment to improving patients’ lives that Hoya says it shares with ECPs. Founded in 1941 in Tokyo, Hoya’s divisions and business units research and develop products used in the healthcare and information technology fields. For eye care, it provides medical devices including spectacles, contact and intraocular lenses.

With a focus on “collaboration and mutual respect”, Hoya says it strives to support ECPs in achieving improved vision for patients worldwide

With a focus on “collaboration and mutual respect”, Hoya says it strives to support ECPs in achieving improved vision for patients worldwide. Strongly embedded partnerships with ECPs are integral to Hoya’s research and innovation that drive solutions to meet patient’s evolving needs and promote business success.

Hoya describes ECPs as “everyday unsung heroes… through their dedication to providing the highest level of personal care and expert advice to their patients, these professionals transform how people see the world and provide the highest quality vision experience”.

Alexandre Montague, Chief Executive Officer of Hoya Vision Care says, “At its core, Hoya’s ‘For the Visionaries’ reaffirms our respect and commitment to the profession. We are constantly striving to better meet the needs of our customers. As a business partner, we are passionately dedicated to the success of eye care professionals, to enable them to make that difference in their patients’ lives. It is in our DNA: we see the world through their eyes. We support them by providing products and services they can trust, for connecting them with their patients and growing their business.”

With the ‘For the Visionaries’ positioning as a catalyst, Hoya says that now, and into the future, it will continue to provide business and market insights, education, practice marketing and lens consultation support, enabling ECP’s to provide the best care for their patients and to be the true visionaries that they are.