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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsOnline Resource for Asian Eyewear Supply

Online Resource for Asian Eyewear Supply

An optical industry-specific online B2B site, NoteOptics, has been launched, providing a new resource for optical products, brand releases and trade news. With over 100,000 optical products, this platform is home to more than 4,000 highquality optical suppliers from China and Asia.

NoteOptics.com offers an “open and inclusive online trade ecosystem” across the entire industry chain for 450,000 visitors including optical sellers, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, and vendors around the world. It provides international buyers with new information on suppliers and the latest products.

NoteOptics said it has invested in “a versatile and robust online platform” that includes company introductions, product details, customer reviews, and business qualifications. It also has engineered its portal to be highly user-friendly, enabling buyers and sellers to connect quickly.

The platform offers free online and offline business matchmaking meetings, through one-to-one video product demonstrations for buyers and sellers with live chat features.

Trade news includes information about the latest movements in the industry, as well as global optical exhibitions.

“NoteOptics.com entered the market with a passion to address new business challenges with the commitment to provide buyers and sellers satisfaction by all possible means and provide them a platform for fast, reliable and transparent trading,” a company spokesperson said. NoteOptics was developed by the organisers of the China Wenzhou International Optics Fair.

Visit: noteoptics.com.