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Saturday / July 20.
HomeminewsAI Platform Matches Patients to Trials

AI Platform Matches Patients to Trials

Patients and carers have increased ability to find out about and self select in clinical trials around the world, following the launch of Opin, an Australian developed platform that incorporates novel artificial intelligence and predictive analytics technology.

“Improving efficiencies in research, creating greater equity, access and opportunities for patients to become more empowered in their health management is our goal,” said Michelle Gallaher, Chief Executive Officer of Opyl.

More than 80% of clinical trials fail to recruit on time and on budget.1 Each month of delay caused by recruitment can cost a biopharmaceutical, medtech or research institute tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. The cost of clinical trial recruitment represents between 25-33% of clinical trial budget. This makes addressing recruitment inefficiencies one of the most significant ways to reduce financial wastage in the research sector.

Opin will leverage social media and digital channels to create awareness and a door through which patients and carers can access the platform.

The platform is free-of-charge for patients to use and will generate revenue by charging research organisations conducting trials a fee to unlock matched patient data; charging to have trials featured on the platform and in social media channels; and using the platform’s sophisticated data search capability to find matched patients registered to the platform waiting for a trial or study opportunity to open up, anywhere in the world.


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