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Tuesday / May 21.
HomemiequipmentTechnology First: Adapting Your Practice in 2021

Technology First: Adapting Your Practice in 2021

In today’s world, healthcare innovation is at the forefront of consumers’ minds. More and more people are in tune with their physical and mental health due to the impacts of COVID-19, and are looking for modern and often digital and contact-free alternatives to traditional services.

A recent survey commissioned by Zeiss1 to shed light on public confidence toward healthcare services and providers in the ‘new normal’, revealed that Australians overall are spending more on health and wellbeing. The research found one third (31%) of Australians spent more on health products/services in the past year than prior to COVID-19. Of these:

  • 34% spent the most visiting GPs and other specialists,
  • 41% increased spending on hygiene and cleaning products,
  • 38% spent on supplements and vitamins,
  • 16% spent more on mental health services, and
  • Over half (57%) said they will continue to invest more on health products/services in future.

Additionally, more than half (61%) of Australians said they are in favour of contactless health consultations in future, with convenience being the driving factor (41%), followed by health and safety (24%).

Not only are consumers more invested in their health; they have become more open-minded about how healthcare can be delivered effectively and hygienically.

This sentiment of trust and openness is something the eye care industry can continue to build upon through community education, communication, and the right systems and technologies.


For eye care professionals, digitising their business is essential for an optimal consumer experience and more efficient consultation process.

With the right technology, a great contactless customer experience is a two-sided affair, not only supporting the customer to feel comfortable and cared for, but importantly, equipping eye care professionals with the tools to operate seamlessly and provide added value.


Zeiss Visuconsult 500 offers flexibility to interact with patients and customers from a safe distance. Accessed from either an iPad or desktop, it allows eye care professionals to capture patient history and vision analysis via a contactless examination.

Incorporating Zeiss devices as part of a fullyintegrated digital ecosystem is an efficient connectivity solution. These integrations include objective refraction using the Zeiss iProfiler Plus, and subjective refraction with the Zeiss Visuscreen 100/500 and Visuphor500. Digital centration solutions from the Zeiss iTerminal mobile to the latest Zeiss Visufit1000 are also connected.

The Visuconsult 500 empowers eye care professionals by arming them with assistance in each step of the consultation process, enabling them to collect and store information securely, and access it at any time without the use of paper.

Data can be transferred efficiently between practice staff, in and out of the examination room. There is an easy-to-use, flexible and intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI), and the system is also integrated with Zeiss Vision Needs Analysis to easily identify consumer lifestyle needs, and offer digital lens demonstration, enabled with augmented reality and virtual reality, showcasing all Zeiss lenses. At a click, customers can see themselves wearing different frames and compare them side by side, a great tool to facilitate customers’ frame choices, and especially beneficial for those with high myopic prescriptions.

On the more clinical side, there is extended capability to save and monitor screening results in a seamless and efficient way, review and monitor the development of intraocular pressure, and store and review fundus camera and slit lamp images taken with any digital device. The integrated image analysis module can be used to boost performance during the consultation process.

A complete patient management system means patient information is organised in a historical record system, supporting eye care professionals to successfully provide ongoing management of ocular changes and pathology.


Adapting to the changes brought about through COVID-19 should not be seen as a temporary measure. New technologies – particularly contactless consultations – enable patients a seamless and pleasant experience while making life easier for eye care professionals and supporting them through greater accuracy. This is a long term investment that can help practices capitalise on patients’ increased willingness to look after their health in 2021, grow their practice through improved customer service, and be open for business, no matter what the future holds.


  1. National survey of 1,000 respondents conducted in April 2020 by Zeiss Vision Care ANZ.