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Saturday / May 28.
HomeminewsOptometrists Approved to Vaccinate Against COVID-19

Optometrists Approved to Vaccinate Against COVID-19

Optometrists are among a host of workforce groups in Victoria that have been asked to register to be part of an ‘emergency authorised workforce’ that will be trained to prepare and/or administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Completion of the Commonwealth COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program is essential before joining the emergency authorised workforce in a clinical capacity. Additionally, practical bridging training will be provided and participants will be required to undertake competencies assessment activities.

Optometrists are among a host of workforce groups in Victoria that have been asked to register to be part of an ‘emergency authorised workforce

Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Determine clinical suitability for vaccination, including identifying any contraindications,
  • Obtain and document informed consent from individuals,
  • Administer the COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with training protocols,
  • Document that vaccine has been administered in the electronic immunisation register,
  • Providing after-care including follow-up appointment and adverse event advice to individuals,
  • Preparing vaccine doses for administration by reconstituting and drawing up doses from multi-dose vials,
  • Meet the clinical governance framework set out by the relevant health service,
  • Familiarise self with all clinic electronic forms, vaccine administration protocols, vaccines, and follow-up information to be given to individuals,
  • Check emergency equipment, ensuring that adrenaline and adrenaline protocol (laminated) is at hand,
  • Provide administrative and supportive roles to the vaccination team,
  • Record on job action sheet, any problems, expected or unanticipated, and how these were resolved,
  • Attend team meetings as directed by supervisor, and
  • Give Clinical Lead feedback about what is working well and what is not working.

Register your interest here. Your details will be held until February 2022 and you may be called into service at any time before then.


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