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Saturday / April 20.
Homeminewsmivision Launches Education in India

mivision Launches Education in India

mivision’s online education platform, mieducation.com, has launched in India with accreditation and support from the Optometry Council of India.

There are more than 42,000 primary eye care practitioners in India, including optometrists, ophthalmic assistants and refractionists.

With multiple institutions providing their training, the Optometry Council of India was set up in 2012 as a representative and regulatory body. It’s aim is to establish and maintain uniform, world-class standards of education and practice.

Todd Tai, director of mivision, said launching mieducation.com into India was a logical next step for the growing platform.

“It stands to reason; eye disease and vision impairment are prevalent worldwide and so there is no reason why our continued professional education modules, which are authored by experts in the field, will not be of great interest and value to eye care professionals worldwide,” he said. “Evidence of this is the massive success of mieducation in Singapore, which was launched in 2019.”

With this success in mind, and a growing number of eye care professionals in India already accessing mivision’s online content, Mr Tai decided the time was right to formally enter that market.

“I approached the Optometry Council of India and they embraced the concept. Having assessed the quality of our courses, the Council has endorsed us as a provider of education, has accredited all 80 of the courses we have made available, and is now promoting mieducation. com to its members.

Over 30,000 mivision courses were completed by optometrists in Asia in 2020.

“It’s exceptionally rewarding to contribute to the delivery of exceptional eye health of Australia, New Zealand and the world.”