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Friday / April 19.
HomeminewsHoya, Haag-Streit Partner to Combat Myopia

Hoya, Haag-Streit Partner to Combat Myopia

A strategic partnership to combat the global rise of myopia in children has been announced by Hoya Vision Care Australia and New Zealand and Haag-Streit, a renowned provider of ophthalmology instruments and medical equipment, to help.

The global sales and marketing agreement creates a preferred partnership between Hoya Vision Care and Haag-Streit and their local partners, Device Technologies Australia and Toomac New Zealand to provide eye care professionals with Lenstar Myopia by Hoya for use in diagnosis and treatment of myopia.

The alliance allows eye care professionals to establish their myopia management capabilities using Lenstar Myopia by Hoya, which is based on the proven technology of the high-precision Lenstar 900 optical biometer, and the corresponding EyeSuite myopia management software platform.

This technology provides information and education to patients and their parents about myopia and its’ progression. Combined with Hoya Vision Care’s easy-to-prescribe MiyoSmart spectacle lens, which was launched in 2018, it creates a strong one-two approach to diagnose and manage myopia. The MiyoSmart spectacle lens uses revolutionary Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) Technology, which is clinically proven to slow down myopia progression on average, by 60% in children ages 8-13.1

The alliance allows eye care professionals to establish their myopia management capabilities using Lenstar Myopia by Hoya… and the corresponding EyeSuite myopia management software platform

Seamless Approach

Myopia or near sightedness is a growing global health concern with industry experts predicting nearly 50% of the world’s population to be impacted by 2050.2

“The strategic partnership with Haag-Streit aligns with one of Hoya Vision Care’s core missions to provide information and innovative solutions to our valued eye care professionals who are on the front lines as we globally address the rapidly growing problem of myopia in children,” said Alexandre Montague, CEO, Hoya Vision Care. “By bringing together our organisations’ technologies and solutions we are creating a seamless approach for our eye care professional business partners to expand their myopia management capabilities and tackle this growing problem.”

Thomas Bernhard, CEO of Haag-Streit Group added, “Haag-Streit is pleased to enter into this strategic partnership with Hoya Vision Care, which provides eye care professionals with an end-to-end and comprehensive package that optimally equips them to combat myopia. We are convinced that with this seamless intersection of the Lenstar Myopia by Hoya and the MiyoSmart spectacle lens treatment protocol, we can together make a valuable contribution to combating the worldwide progression of myopia.”

“This agreement creates preferred partner status between Device Technologies in Australia, Toomac in New Zealand and Hoya Vision Care ANZ to provide diagnostics and treatment for myopia to as many eye care professionals as possible in Australia and New Zealand as myopia continues to rise,” said Craig Chick, Managing Director of Hoya Vision Care Australia and New Zealand. “With around one in four Australians and New Zealanders being myopic, and with this continuing to increase, we look forward to distributing Lenstar Myopia by Hoya, beginning in November 2021.”

“Toomac look forward to partnering with Hoya NZ to address and manage the ever increasing myopia concern with the Haag Streit Lenstar Myopia and EyeSuite Myopia management software” said Ian MacFarlane, Director of Toomac Ophthalmic.

“Device Technologies, Haag Streit’s partner in Australia, looks forward to working closely with Hoya ANZ in a combined effort to support practitioners in Australia who are leading the fight against the myopia epidemic. Partnerships such as this, where diagnostics and treatment are combined, enable improved access to technology which will contribute greatly towards improving the quality of life for sufferers of this vision disorder,” said Angus Hatfield-Smith Product Manager – Ophthalmic Diagnostics.


Note: MiYOSMART has not been approved for myopia management in all countries, including the U.S., and is not currently available for sale in all countries, including the U.S.



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