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Monday / July 15.
HomeminewsSilmo d’Or for Transitions XTRActive Polarized

Silmo d’Or for Transitions XTRActive Polarized

Newly launched Transitions XTRActive Polarized has been awarded with a ‘Silmo d’Or’ in the Vision category, recognising the latest breakthrough innovation from Transitions Optical.

At the 2021 edition of the leading international optics tradeshow, Silmo (24–27 September 2021), the latest lens in the Transitions XTRActive range of extra dark lenses beat other Vision innovations to take out the award.

Launched in Australia and New Zealand on 1 September, the clear to dark polarised photochromic lens is designed for very bright light and reflective glare exposure. Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses become extra dark outdoors and achieve a polarisation efficiency of up to 90%, which is similar to polarised sunglasses. Transitions XTRActive Polarized darkens in the car for light protection on the road.

Indoors, under lower light intensity, Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses remain clear with a hint of protective tint to reduce the glare from harsh indoor lighting. Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses are not polarised indoors. As a result, wearers can use their digital devices without having to worry about a polarised lens obscuring their view of the screen.

Transitions XTRActive Polarized filters blue light from sources such as digital devices and screens. It also filters even more blue light outdoors where the sun is the highest emitter of blue light. The lenses also block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

Having broken the paradigm of conventional polarisation and traditional photochromics, we are honoured to receive recognition with the Silmo d’Or

“Having broken the paradigm of conventional polarisation and traditional photochromics, we are honoured to receive recognition with the Silmo d’Or’ for the Transitions XTRActive Polarized lenses,” said Stuart Cannon, Transitions Optical General Manager, Asia Pacific. “Transitions XTRActive Polarized addresses the need for extra darkness for wearers who are frequently exposed to bright light and reflective glare. Outdoors vision is sharper with wearers experiencing a larger view and more vivid colours.”

XTRActive New Generation

At the same time Transitions XTRActive Polarized launched in Australia and New Zealand, Transitions XTRActive new generation also launched. Compared to the previous generation, Transitions XTRActive new generation is 35 percent faster to fade back indoors, along with being darker in hot temperatures and darker in the car.

Several resources for eye care professionals are available to support the new Transitions XTRActive products, including short education modules, social media content, and newsletter and website content. Point of sale materials are also available to order. These resources can be accessed through Transitions Plus: www.transitions-plus.com.

If eyecare professionals have not previously registered for Transitions Plus, please use the registration code MivisionXA.

Win an MG ZST Essence

To celebrate the launch of the new XTRActive technologies, Transitions Optical is giving eyecare professionals the opportunity to win a car up until the end of 2021. The grand prize is an MG ZST Essence, with runner prizes consisting of 10 x iWatch Series 6, 10 x $500 Kathmandu voucher and 10 x $200 Rebel Sport voucher. Eyecare professionals receive three entries when they order a Transitions XTRActive technology, and one entry when ordering Transitions Signature GEN 8, Transitions Drivewear and Transitions XTRActive style mirrors.

For more information about the new Transitions XTRActive range and promotion, please visit www.XTRActive.com.au