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Monday / July 22.
HomeminewsEyeli’s App for Digital Visual Assessments

Eyeli’s App for Digital Visual Assessments

Eyeli, a new tablet-based app designed to enhance the skillset and efficiency of eye care practitioners (ECPs) through automation, has arrived in Australia. The app incorporates comprehensive electronic health records with additional features for myopia management, and digitalised tests and treatments for binocular vision. Eyeli includes digitalised tests for colour vision, suppression, stereo acuity, accommodation flexibility, phoria, associated phoria and fusional reserves. The myopia management module includes a myopia risk assessor and axial length estimator.

“Eyeli is the ECPs digital clinical assistant. It assists with testing, analysis, and management of all visual conditions, including binocular vision and myopia,” says Francois van der Merwe, optometrist and co-founder of Eyeli.

“Additional tools provide a great foundation to start incorporating specialty services into any practice without the need for extensive continuous training, multiple expensive equipment, and time-consuming manual tests. These capabilities can help ECPs increase revenue while decreasing testing time and costs.”

All test results are automatically calculated, interpreted, and compared to normative data. Results are presented in a user-friendly report, that can be tracked over time and instantly sent to patients, directly from the app.

Eyeli also assists the ECP with selecting treatment suggestions, based on the latest peer reviewed efficacy studies. These suggestions can include lens recommendations, myopia management recommendations, and online visual therapy that patients can do from the comfort of their home while the practitioners monitor remotely.

“With the increased visual demands associated with our online digital world, and the onset of the myopic pandemic, ECPs have an increasingly important role to play in their communities. As optometrists ourselves, we understand how challenging it can become to balance a thorough visual exam with the economics of running a business. Our goal with Eyeli is to use technology to make testing more efficient through automation. We are driven to help practitioners obtain more data in less time, to ensure a more streamlined diagnostic and treatment flow,” said Ilse Homan, optometrist and co-founder of Eyeli.

“We are very excited to launch Eyeli in Australia. The first version of Eyeli was launched in March 2021, and the program is already being used by ECPs in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Malaysia, and South Africa.”

The app is available for free trial and subsequently, with a monthly subscription.

Visit: eyeli.com