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Tuesday / March 5.
HomeminewsMaui Jim Launches Anti-Fatigue Lens

Maui Jim Launches Anti-Fatigue Lens

Maui Jim has introduced MauiPassport Boost, a new clear prescription lens designed to reduce the fatigue experienced from eyes constantly focusing and refocusing on various digital devices.

The lens combines the benefits of an anti-fatigue lens in the near vision with the experience of wearing a single vision prescription at a distance.

Maui Jim says it developed the new lens technology to help eye care professionals support patients experiencing digital eye fatigue – with patients increasingly spending up to 12 hours a day focusing on multiple screens, for both work and leisure purposes, eye muscles are coming under excessive strain, resulting in fatigue.

MauiPassport Boost is available in two boost powers, which help to improve readability of small fonts and other finer details on digital devices.

The boost power placed in the lens is based on the severity of the patient’s symptoms, and can also be paired with Maui Blue Light Project, a blue light blocking lens material.

Visit: mauijim.com.