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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsShamir Celebrates 50 Years

Shamir Celebrates 50 Years

Optical company, Shamir has celebrated 50 years of growth in the global ophthalmic industry, recognising past triumphs, and promising ambitious future endeavors in the field of precision optics.

Originated in 1972 in a small agricultural community in Galilee, Israel, Shamir now operates in 23 countries across all continents.

“It is the striving for excellence that has driven Shamir, throughout its years of operation, from uncompromising quality of scientific research, to the ability to anticipate and respond to future needs,” said Yagen Moshe, Shamir CEO.


Heavy investment in research and development has resulted in the company holding 36 registered patents for its proprietary technologies, such as Eye-Point, a line of Autograph progressive lenses, and Glacier lens coatings. Such innovation has earnt Shamir numerous awards, including Best Lens Design, Most Innovative Product, and Product of the Year.

As well, Shamir’s Freeform technology is offered to external labs, advancing lens performance with new innovations such as Metaform technology, and highquality customer service with InoTime fast manufacturing techniques. Metaform technology is of particular significance as, according to Shamir, it is 80% more energy efficient than existing lens manufacturing methods. This sustainable breakthrough complements Shamir’s broader sustainability efforts, which aim to ensure practices are as green as possible by eliminating the use of disposables and favouring environment-friendly materials.

“In honor of 50 years of activity, Shamir is making a promise to devote our energies to maintaining green, sustainable practices,” said Mr Moshe. “We will continue our devotion to innovative R&D, and we aim for nothing less than providing the best possible visual experience to people the world over. We focus on improving life, by improving vision.”


Over the past 50 years, Shamir has supported communities by offering free eye examinations, joining charity events, and responding to the needs of school children. Recently, Shamir Portugal established a Mobile Lab housed in a converted truck, to provide eye examinations, optical products, and to help maintain the visual health of those who may not otherwise have access to services.

Looking to the future, Shamir says it is ideally positioned to be a major player in the development of products for augmented and virtual reality. The company is also conducting research in space, with NASA, to provide innovative solutions for presbyopia.

“We look forward to continued innovations and developing tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies, while also meeting our responsibilities to take care of our planet and give back to the community,” Mr Moshe concluded.