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Sunday / March 3.
HomeminewsNovartis Acquisition for Precise Drug Dosing

Novartis Acquisition for Precise Drug Dosing

Novartis is building on its front-of-eye therapies to address unmet patient needs with the acquisition of Kedalion Therapeutics and its AcuStream technology.

AcuStream is an innovative device that may have the potential to facilitate precise dosing and accurate delivery of certain topical ophthalmic medications to the eye.1,2

“The acquisition of Kedalion Therapeutics delivers on our commitment to reimagine medicine by potentially enhancing the delivery and patient experience with our medicines,” said Jill Hopkins, SVP and Global Development Unit Head, Ophthalmology, Novartis. “We look forward to exploring how AcuStream can advance our approved and investigational front-of-eye therapies and optimise outcomes for patients.”

The AcuStream platform is a preservative-free, electromechanical topical ocular delivery device that may facilitate precise dosing and accurate delivery, potentially helping patients’ experience.1-5 

Presently, Novartis states that it intends to develop the AcuStream technology for potential use with its existing and future front-of-eye therapies, which could include Xiidra (lifi tegrast ophthalmic solution) 5%, a first-in-class prescription LFA 1 antagonist for the treatment of dry eye disease.6,7

Kedalion Therapeutics is a clinical stage, venture-funded ophthalmic drug company based in Menlo Park, California. In November 2021, Kedalion Therapeutics announced the completion of its Series B financing led by Novartis, which included an exclusive option to acquire the company and its AcuStream technology.


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