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Sunday / June 16.
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Next Gen Cataract Technique

Ophthalmology equipment company Keranova has announced “extremely positive” clinical study reports for its robotic laser technology, which it says will open the door to a “new technique in cataract surgery for the first time in decades”.

Keranova said its FemtoMatrix technology uses a world-first procedure called PhotoEmulsification.

According to a statement from Keranova, “This is the first time that a new surgical technique, PhotoEmulsification, has been performed, the latest landmark in cataract surgery since phacoemulsification in the late 1980s”.

The randomised comparative multicentre pivotal study, undertaken in 2022, involved 54 patients in the Czech Republic. The contralateral eye of each patient was treated using phacoemulsification as control. The study demonstrated FemtoMatrix’s ability to eliminate the use of ultrasound in the vast majority of cases on a standard population, or to reduce it drastically.

“Surgeons will be able to perform perfectly calibrated cataract surgery and reduce the risks associated with handling the ultrasound device used in a classic phacoemulsification.

“They can now perform cataract surgery without ultrasound as efficiently as current techniques, but with greater precision and reduced risks of corneal/iris damage, capsular ruptures or adverse consequences on the retina, all within the same operating time,” the company said.

Keranova said the full results of its clinical regulatory studies will be published this year and the company aims to secure CE marking in coming months.