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Saturday / June 15.
HomeminewsVR Dispensing Arrives in Australia

VR Dispensing Arrives in Australia

An innovative lens design process and dispensing tool has been launched in Australia by CR Labs. The Australis VR uses virtual reality technology to produce an ergonomic lens design that maximises the visual acuity and optical quality of progressive lenses.

“When we prescribe current premium progressive lenses, the patient’s gaze dynamics become disrupted by the lateral aberration zones, resulting in distortion and blur. Through a unique ecosystem of technologies, the Australis VR minimises the harmful effect of these aberrations, creating an intuitive and individual lens design,” explained Adam Fletcher, Managing Director of CR Labs. “The Australis VR adapts to each individual patient and their distinct optical needs,” he added.

Rather than collecting subjective and anecdotal patient information, the Australis VR device gathers objective patient data then assesses the patient’s gaze dynamics, before creating three frequency of use maps for distance, intermediate and near vision. Once the analysis is complete, the device intuitively integrates the prescription and position of wear measurements with the existing patented Australis MightyView and HyperThin technologies, reducing the lateral aberrations and centre thickness even further.

Mr Fletcher expects the device to be welcomed by optometrists and optical dispensers who value technology and are attracted to advanced products and outcomes. Additionally, he said it will provide patients with “an immersive, precise, and unprecedented in-store experience that places them as the true protagonist in the dispensing process. The resulting lens is a collaboration between innovative technologies, years of optical knowledge and individual patient’s needs.”