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Saturday / May 18.
HomeminewsAmanda Trotman to Lead ODMA

Amanda Trotman to Lead ODMA

Amanda Trotman has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Optical Distributors and Manufacturers Association (ODMA).

Ms Trotman replaces Finola Carey, who resigned having served as CEO for 27 years. She was ODMA’s Acting CEO for over a year while Ms Carey was on long service leave, and before that was General Manager and Project Manager of O=MEGA21.

Following a process, which included discussion and agreement on the requirements for a CEO at Board level, and a performance review completed by Ms Trotman and the ODMA Board HR subcommittee, the appointment was unanimously agreed.

Rob Sparkes, ODMA Board Chair stated, “The ODMA Board is delighted to welcome Amanda as our CEO. Amanda has demonstrated a remarkable ability to work with the board, our industry, and partners over the last 18 months.

Congratulations Amanda on this well-deserved appointment!”

Ms Trotman’s achievements in the role to date include delivering a successful OSHOW22 event soon after COVID lockdowns were lifted, opening up conversations for collaborative opportunities with multiple industry players, and the implementation of detailed reporting across multiple business areas.

Ms Trotman said she looks forward to applying her skills and prior experience to strengthen educational and networking opportunities for all team members of independent practices, an important customer segment for ODMA members, as well as delivering the event platforms, lobbying assistance and industry alerts and updates to support the industry’s distributors and manufacturers.