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Sunday / June 16.
HomeminewsLuxSmart IOL Impresses on Early Results

LuxSmart IOL Impresses on Early Results

Initial results and patient feedback from Bausch and Lomb’s LuxSmart hydrophobic intraocular lens (IOL) show it provides “excellent distance vision and better-than-expected intermediate and near vision”.

According to the company, more than 25,000 LuxSmart IOLs have been implanted since the product was launched as a preloaded IOL in 2020.

You just want them to be happy with their vision…

Ophthalmologist Dr Paul Athanasiov told mivision he has successfully used this IOL with many patients. “For any patient who wants great distance vision but is equally as interested in being spectacle-free for most of their daily tasks, this is the perfect lens for them,” he said.

Dr Athanasiov, whose expertise includes complex cataract surgery, was speaking to mivision having presented at a LuxSmart dinner meeting hosted by Bausch and Lomb.

In his presentation, Dr Athanasiov quoted statistics to show that intermediate vision is becoming more important for Australian seniors.

He stated that the use of digital devices by Australian seniors in the near and intermediate visual range has increased. The number of seniors with internet at home has grown from 68% to 93%, and the number and type of devices that older Australians use has also increased.

As a result, patients are becoming more demanding, he said.

To meet these demands Dr Athanasiov said he’s gone from “doing around 5% of presbyopic correcting lenses a few years ago to around 80% now for insurance patients”.

“I’m not the anomaly, I think everyone is putting in a lot more lenses in that regard,” he told mivision.

Dr Athanasiov has used a range of IOLs in cataract patients, including multifocal and bifocal, “pretty much everything including the aperture-style lenses”.

However, he believes the modern extended depth of focus lenses, including the LuxSmart, are the way forward.

Although the LuxSmart IOL is a “forgiving” lens, Dr Athanasiov said it is still important to manage patient expectations.

“I certainly don’t promise any patients that they will have unaided near vision for all tasks but a lot of the time we’re surprised to see that result, in addition to excellent distance vision.

“I tell patients that it is very unlikely that they will be free of spectacles for everything. I advise them that they should expect to wear glasses for near and that as with any lens, they may get some symptoms when driving at night but, fortunately, the incidence of that is very low.

“Patients have been very happy with the result from their cataract surgery. Obviously, they don’t research every type of lens then come to the clinic having decided to get a LuxSmart lens. They just want to get a great result from cataract surgery and that is usually what they receive: quality vision for most activities without needing glasses constantly. That’s what you want from a lens. You don’t want to have patients picking out things that they do or don’t like. You just want them to be happy with their vision and be able do everything comfortably,” he said.

Further information on the LuxSmart IOL is available on a dedicated website: luxsmartiol.com