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Saturday / June 22.
HomeminewsO=MEGA23/WCO4: Exploring the Latest in Myopia

O=MEGA23/WCO4: Exploring the Latest in Myopia

Myopia management has become an essential aspect of paediatric eye care.

The prevalence of myopia is rapidly increasing with the incidence of worldwide myopia projected to be 50% of the population by 2050. Additionally, uncorrected myopia and high myopia will be a leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Myopia Awareness Week, taking place from 22–26 May, has been established by the Brien Holden Vision Institute to generate wide-spread awareness of this condition.

Later this year, from 8 –10 September, O=MEGA23, in partnership with the 4th World Congress of Optometry (WCO), will present the latest research and updates across several presentations about myopia management and myopia control as part of its rich and diverse conference program.

Our presentation will outline the latest research on the knowns and the unknowns for several unanswered questions in myopia management

Drs Paul and Kate Gifford, founders of Myopia Profile, the international go-to information resource on clinical myopia management, will present at the conference on ‘Unanswered questions in myopia management’.

Dr Kate Gifford believes that optometry has “a professional obligation to provide myopia management as standard of care for young patients”.

Although there is an expanding volume of scientific literature on efficacy, safety, and benefits of myopia treatments, she says there are still important scientific questions, which have substantial implications for enabling myopia management in clinical practice.

“Our presentation will outline the latest research on the knowns and the unknowns for several unanswered questions in myopia management. The knowns will be translated into actionable clinical advice and management pathways, and the unknowns detailed to support practitioner communication.”

Major Platinum sponsor of O=MEGA23, CooperVision is sponsoring the attendance of plenary speaker Professor Mark Bullimore. Joe Tanner, CooperVision Professional Services Manager, commented that “Mark is an internationally renowned scientist, speaker and educator, and has become one of the most important figures in helping the eye care professions understand child myopia and its management.

“At O=MEGA23/WCO4, Mark will share further important insights on myopia management, particularly in the context of local practice where the opportunity to greatly limit the adverse effects of high myopia is larger than in many other countries.”

The biennial O=MEGA event is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, while the World Congress of Optometry is an international event hosted in a different city across the world also on a biennial basis. This partnership is a unique alignment and rare opportunity to combine a national and international program to create the largest optometric event in the region.

Register at: www.omega-event.org/program.