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Monday / May 20.
HomeminewsElios US Trial Commences

Elios US Trial Commences

Elios Vision Inc. has completed enrolment for its pivotal trial of more than 300 patients with mild to moderate glaucoma treated with the Elios procedure in combination with cataract surgery.

The microinvasive, implant-free procedure uses excimer laser light energy to create microscopic openings in the trabecular meshwork, to re-establish the natural flow of eye fluid or aqueous.1

In Europe, Elios Vision’s technology already has a CE mark and is indicated for the treatment of glaucoma with or without cataract surgery. European surgeons have performed the Elios procedure on thousands of eyes and contributed to 20 academic publications by 36 authors including 2,300 study eyes – with follow-up going out to more than eight years.1,2,3

Dr Keith Barton from University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London said there is momentum for the Elios procedure across European markets.

“The Elios excimer laser technology is an attractive and widely adoptable option at the time of cataract surgery for glaucoma and cataract surgeons, and it avoids the need for an implant,” he said.

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