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Saturday / June 15.
HomeminewsNew Software Eases IOP Challenges

New Software Eases IOP Challenges

Good positioning and alignment are essential for accurate intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement. However, this is not always possible, particularly when consulting paediatric patients and complex cases.

iCare hopes the arrival of new software for its iCare200 tonometre will ease the way.

According to the company, its Quick Measure software “retains all the benefits of the iCare rebound technology while saving clinicians time and optimising workflow”.

Quick Measure’s IOP measurement sequence consists of two to three rapid measurement cycles. If the first two measurements are similar (i.e., a difference less than 2mmHg) their average is rounded up and displayed.

If the first two measurements differ more than 2mmHg, a third measurement is taken. The displayed result is the median of all three measures, shown as a whole number without decimals. This eliminates the impact of one significantly different result.

iCare is the original developer of ‘rebound tonometry’. The company’s current range of tonometres comprises iCare IC100, iCare IC200 and iCare TA01i. Safe and comfortable for the patient, over 200 clinical studies and white papers have demonstrated the reliability and reproducibility of iCare rebound tonometry measurements.

The new Quick Measure software is only for use with the IC200 and is subject to local medical device registration.