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Saturday / July 13.
HomemifashionnewsUnder Helmet Eyewear by Invu

Under Helmet Eyewear by Invu


Helmets are essential for protecting people from head injuries while biking, skateboarding, inline skating, and driving motorcycles.

Unfortunately, regular sunglasses that are not designed for under helmet wear do not fit well, cause pressure points, and are uncomfortable.

To address this issue, Invu has created specially designed under helmet sunglasses that are crafted using ultralight, soft materials that automatically adjust to the head and helmet shape for maximum comfort. The cutting-edge material is also extremely flexible so the sunglasses are virtually unbreakable.

Invu under helmet wear is equipped with proprietary polarised lenses from Swiss Eyewear Group that eliminate 99% of reflected light for perfect glare-free vision while on the road.

Visit: invueyewear.com