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Tuesday / June 25.
HomeminewsDry Eye Society Launches in Queensland

Dry Eye Society Launches in Queensland

With growing prevalence of dry eye disease in the community, a group of optometrists in Queensland has established the Dry Eye Society to support eye care professionals in delivering accurate, evidence-based care.

With a vision to become “recognised and trusted as the leading professional society for dry eyes in Australia”, the organisation’s stated mission is to “promote education, professional development and networking in the dry eyes and ocular surface disease field”.

Led by President Jason Holland and Vice President Andrew Bowden, the Dry Eye Society plans to offer education to optometrists and eye care professionals while also creating awareness of dry eye and ocular surface disease among other health providers and the public.

“From a brief discussion last year, we’ve created what will be a dry eye focussed group that will start by running three or four boutique events for practitioners who are really interested in finding out about all aspects of dry eye and ocular surface disease,” said Mr Bowden.

“We are committed to being brand agnostic, so lectures will be given by practitioners who will draw on their experiences with different products and technologies. As a not-for-profit organisation, suppliers will be asked to contribute to costs by sponsoring events, however that will only put them in the room with our members; we don’t plan on inviting suppliers to give the lectures.

“Our aim is also to create a collegiate environment where optometrists feel comfortable asking questions, regardless of their dry eye expertise; where they can get to know each other, and share knowledge and practical tools they’ve found useful in their own clinics. We hope this will enable those interested in dry eye to expand their knowledge and skills while also facilitating referrals for particular dry eye services within the profession,” Mr Bowden said.

Membership of the Society is currently open to eye care professionals in Queensland, who will gain exclusive access to resources, including research studies, webinars, and training sessions, plus opportunities to network with other professionals in the field.

Mr Bowden said the Dry Eye Society hopes to develop a national membership base over time.

Visit: dryeyesociety.com.au.