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Monday / April 15.
HomeminewsCampaign Showcases Local HCPs

Campaign Showcases Local HCPs

Uniform supplier NNT is acknowledging the “dedication and work ethic” of Australian healthcare professionals in a campaign to promote a new collection of apparel inspired by individual wearer feedback. The campaign includes brief interviews with healthcare workers about the challenges and rewards of their work.

Founded in 1962, NNT provides a variety of apparel from scrubs, tops, pants, outerwear, knitwear, uniforms, and more.

Madeline Cambel, Head of Marketing at NNT said, “For most of the brand’s heritage, there has been a strong focus on delivering uniforms programs at scale to some of the biggest and most reputable healthcare providers in Australia. Now, the brand has turned to its wearers for inspiration, feedback, and product improvements that service both larger uniforms customers and individual wearers.”

“Post COVID, there has been a renewed appreciation for the dedication and work ethic of all healthcare professionals. We’re thrilled to see how our brand is representing this workforce and we’re now spotlighting some of the influential faces making a difference in this sector, whilst taking on their feedback for our product teams.

“We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to showcase their authentic, genuine experiences that celebrate their incredible contribution to our community with an NNT uniform on. In particular, our nurses and the scrubs they wear that help them do the job. We couldn’t be more proud to dress them.”