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Saturday / June 22.
HomemiophthalproductsCSO Cobra+ Non-Mydriatic Digital Fundus Camera

CSO Cobra+ Non-Mydriatic Digital Fundus Camera

Cobra+ is a non-mydriatic digital fundus camera for glaucomatous and age-related macular disease detection. The five-mega pixel camera produces high-definition (HD) retinal images with a visual field up to 50º.

It can capture images through small pupils with a diameter of 2.5mm and, with nine internal fixation points, quickly acquires HD peripheral retina images. Multiple HD images can be combined into one panoramic image.

User-centric features include non-invasive, automatic measurement of ‘cup to disk’ ratios for detection of glaucomatous diseases. In combination with CSO Phoenix software and the CSO Retimax, the retinal image can be overlapped with electroretinogram multifocal testing for comprehensive retinal profiles and precise health indicators of every analysed retinal area, which is useful for the diagnosis and follow-up of macular degeneration and degenerative hereditary retinal diseases.

On a single screen, CSO Software can display multiple wavelength images from the Cobra+: original, infrared, and red-free images, as well as choroidal, vascular, and nerve fibre images for in-depth retina examinations.

Dry eye and infrared meibography modules are included with the camera, and early signs of cardiovascular issues can be detected by measuring the ratio between the branch arteriolar-venous diameter with the AVR tool.

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