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Saturday / May 18.

LuxOR Revalia

See the bigger picture1-4 with the LuxOR Revalia ophthalmic microscope.

Gain the advantage of:
• Enhanced visualisation for confident, efficient cataract surgery,
• A red reflex zone that’s approximately six times larger for an expanded view vs ZEISS Lumera standard analog microscope,†1,2
• Enhanced depth of field for exceptional detail,2,3 and
• The largest depth of focus vs ZEISS Lumera T, Lumera 700, and Leica M- 820 microscopes.‡2-4

Contact: Alcon (AUS) 1800 224 153 or (NZ) 0800 809 189

Alcon Laboratories Pty Ltd. ALC1694 08/22 ANZ-LUX-2200021.
†~6x larger red reflex zone expands your view vs ZEISS Lumera standard analog microscope p<0.0001).1,2
‡ Compared to ZEISS Lumera T, Lumera 700, and Leica M-820 microscopes (p=0.16).1-3

1. Cionni, R.J., et al. Evaluating red reflex and surgeon preference between nearly-collimated and focused beam microscope illumination systems. Tran Vis Sci Tech 2015;4(4):7.
2. Alcon data on file, 2014. Drawing number 955-7210-004. Scientific Support Document, Communication for Alcon LuxOR Red Reflex and Depth of Focus Calculations.
3. LuxOR Revalia (LX3 LED) Ophthalmic Microscope Operator’s Manual.
4. Schwiegerling, J., Dimalanta, R., Depth of focus measurements of ophthalmic surgical microscopes. Poster presented at: The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology; 1–5 May, 2016; Seattle, WA.