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Monday / July 22.
HomeminewsNew Self-heating Eye Mask for Dry Eye

New Self-heating Eye Mask for Dry Eye

Aelo has launched a self-heating, disposable eye mask that provides moist heat to hydrate and warm the ocular area, enabling the natural secretion of essential oils from meibomian glands, and providing much-needed relief from eye irritation.

Formulated by Australian optometrists with preservative-free and fragrance-free ingredients, the eye mask provides moist heat that reaches up to 40°C, with the temperature maintained for 30 minutes. With no microwave or power source required to trigger heating, the masks are convenient for patients on the move.

Aelos co-founder, Jeremy Chan said the new eye mask has been designed for people who are asymptomatic or experiencing mild-to-severe dry eye.

“We encourage customers to view it as a self-care and self-love routine, whether they are addressing dry eyes or simply seeking relaxation after a long day of work with tired and sore eyes,” he said. “ It’s advisable to use the mask once a day”.

As well as helping to sooth dry eyes and blepharitis, Mr Chan said the heated eye mask also responds quickly to styes although it is yet to be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to “treat styes”.

“Hot compresses are often recommended for individuals dealing with styes and meibomian gland dysfunction. We are confident that our self-heating eye mask, providing a consistent moist heat of 40°C, offers superior performance compared to common recommendations such as using a hot towel at home, a boiled egg, hot tea bags, or even microwavable eye masks, which carry a risk of burns. Additionally, I would like to highlight that our self-heating eye masks are recyclable.”

Sold in conjunction with Aelo’s eyelash cleansers, Mr Chan said the self-heating eye masks “function as ideal aftercare packages” that optometrists can offer their patients, “enabling them to continue their daily eye care routine at home”.

The disposable masks are individually packed and supplied in boxes of 10, and bundled with the cleanser.

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