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Wednesday / April 17.
HomemiophthalproductsVision Australia: Support Beyond IOL Surgery

Vision Australia: Support Beyond IOL Surgery

Patients often experience glare and sensitivity to light after cataract surgery. Managing these symptoms is essential if the ability to see clearly is affected.

Fitover sunglasses by Jonathan Paul are an ideal solution as they are fitted with polarised lenses, which help reduce glare and provide 100% UVA protection. These non-mirrored lenses are available in three colours: grey, amber, and yellow.

Although cataract surgery will generally improve eyesight, if other eye pathologies are present (such as aged-related macular degeneration), patients may still require low vision aids to assist with reading. Different magnification solutions – optical, electronic, and portable – are available, depending on the reading task.

The Vision Australia Store offers a comprehensive selection of products for people who are blind or have low vision.

Visit: shop.visionaustralia.org