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Tuesday / June 25.
HomemiophthalproductsPrecivia Intravitreal Device

Precivia Intravitreal Device

Precivia is a single use, 100% recyclable device that ensures a safer  injection procedure and simplifies intravitreal injections. Its special  design eliminates the need for a speculum, calliper or pressure plate.

Precivia presents a guide tube accurately oriented to ensure a  fixed injection angle of 28°, a fixed distance at 3.5 mm from the  limbus, and a controlled depth.

After preparing the patient for the procedure, the Precivia is carefully  placed on the patient’s eye with the positioning line on the limbus.  By gently pushing down and rotating the Precivia device, the eye  is stabilised so the patient feels an anaesthetic effect due to the  pressure and cannot see the needle coming. After removing the  needle, a rotation post-injection replaces the conjunctiva and  seals the injection hole.

Contact: Spectrum (AUS) 03 9562 2472 or (NZ) 09 888 9100