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Sunday / July 14.
HomemiproductsNikon Seewide 12 and Nikon Presio-i

Nikon Seewide 12 and Nikon Presio-i

To let even more patients benefit from Nikon Seewide 12 and Nikon Presio-i
13, these designs are now available up to +8.00 in 1.67 material, clear and Transitions VI as well as in 1.74 material.

Nikon Seewide is Nikon’s digitally surfaced double-aspheric progressive lens. The premium lens incorporates the unique Nikon Aberration Filter on its back-surface. Derived from Nikon camera technology, the Aberration Filter compensates for aberrations generated by the front progressive surface, giving wide angle vision, instant focus and rapid adaptation.

Nikon Seewide is available in two progression lengths (12mm and 14mm), four materials (1.5, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74) and with the new Transitions VI and Crizal A2 coating on selected designs. Nikon Seewide has been highly successful since launched in Australia in 2007, with a large group of optometrists making use of the consumer brand. Nikon spectacle lenses offer high end lens designs but also a valuable brand concept for the practices.

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