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Wednesday / July 17.
HomeminewsOAA Considers Retinal Camera Policy

OAA Considers Retinal Camera Policy

Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) conducted a survey last month (September) to determine the use of retinal photography by optometrists. The key questions in the survey were: ‘Is there a retinal camera where you practise? If no: Is there any intention to obtain a retinal camera within the next year?’

In May 08, mivision published an article on age related macular degeneration entitled ‘Aussies Must See the Light’ where we questioned the optometrist’s responsibility in checking the macula correctly.

In the article we stated that: ” ‘The macula is checked in a standard 10900 consultation using a direct or indirect ophthalmoscope; however when contacted by mivision most optometrists suggested that they can only see advanced deterioration of the macula using this device, not slight or subtle changes.

‘ “OAA president Andrew Harris was of the view that “in time, retinal cameras will be standard equipment in all optometric practices. I use one and it is very useful. Whether optometrists can keep decent records without it is debatable,” he said.’

We await with interest the results of the OAA survey as the OAA stated that the information it gains from its ‘retinal photography by optometrists’ survey will assist in formulating Association policy and strategy.