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Friday / July 12.
HomeminewsFred Hollows and RANZCO Fellowship

Fred Hollows and RANZCO Fellowship

The Fred Hollows Foundation, in conjunction with RANZCO, announced last month, that it is now offering a six month rotating fellowship for final year ophthalmologist registrars, to encourage students to actively participate in the issues surrounding international eye health; particularly in remote areas of Indigenous Australia and the developing world.

While providing stimulating and educational work experience, registrars will also develop a greater understanding of international and indigenous ophthalmology, and form enhanced relationships with colleagues already working in these areas.

The program is designed to teach registrars how to actively contribute to ophthalmology outside their academic institutions, while furthering their own knowledge and skills.

The fellowship will include rotations in Nepal under the supervision of Dr Sanduk Rui, in Fiji with Dr John Szetu, and in central Australia with Dr Tim Henderson.