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Tuesday / May 21.
HomemiproductsZeiss GT2 3D Asiana

Zeiss GT2 3D Asiana

With more than 160 years experience in research and development across all facets of optics, Carl Zeiss is leading the way in product innovation. This has led our lens design research scientists to develop an enhanced progressive for the Asian face, resulting in the development of GT2 3D Asiana by Zeiss.

The shape of a face is an important factor when it comes to designing progressive lenses. The craniometry, or the underlying bone structure of the head and face, has a marked difference between Caucasian and Asian populations. Often, the cheek structure of the Asian face has a fatter profle and the bridge of the nose is less pronounced. These two factors combined reduce the amount of Pantoscopic Tilt and the degree of Bow Angle found in Asian wearers.

For further information on GT2 3D Asiana, Eyecare professionals should contact Carl Zeiss Vision Customer Service on (AUS) 1800 882 041, (NZ) 0508 765 271 or contact your local Carl Zeiss Vision Territory Manager.