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Monday / February 26.
HomeminewsWorld First SiH Daily CL

World First SiH Daily CL

Johnson & Johnson launched the much anticipated world’s first silicone hydrogel daily disposable through a series of breakfast seminars held around Australia late June and July.

The one day Acuvue TruEye brand contact lens is being touted as “setting the standard in healthy contact lens wear for the non-stop eye.”

In speaking about TruEye at the Sydney seminar optometrist Jim Kokkinakis said he: “only wants to work with premium products and 60 per cent of people are looking for premium products.”

The last decade has been extremely significant in terms of development of contact lens materials.

A statement echoed by optometrists Karen French and Professor Lyndon Jones in an article they co-jointly published late last year entitled ‘A decade with silicone hydrogels (SiH)’, where they said: “the enhancement of SiH material properties with a view to daily wear (DW) has led to a year-on-year increase in their prescribing rate.

Their comments pre-empted the much lauded launch of Johnson & Johnson’s TruEye daily disposable when they said: “it seems likely that SiH materials will continue to occupy a significant proportion of the disposable lens market and, with a daily disposable SiH now a commercial reality, with more surely to follow, the popularity of this family of materials will undoubtedly continue to rise.”