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Saturday / March 2.
HomeminewsLuxottica Attends to the Bush

Luxottica Attends to the Bush

Luxottica has hailed its inaugural Bush Origami program in May a huge success and has furthered understanding of the needs of rural-based optometrists, according to Dr. Peter Herse, Luxottica’s Academic Director for the Institute of Learning and the man who led the initiative.

He said two key issues had arisen from the Bush Origami sessions – professional development is an area optometrists wanted more of a focus on.

As a result, Luxottica is introducing a program to encourage its Optometrists from rural and regional areas to attend OAA congresses and other courses supporting professional development.

The second initiative is a ‘reference pack’ called ‘MyStore Optom’ to make it easier for Optometrists relieving in rural and regional areas to adapt and get up to speed quickly.

“This is particularly relevant in practices outside the CBD that rely as much on social networking as the professional business management. This guide will be adapted for each location with specific local area knowledge such as local GPs, specialists, hospitals and emergency centres. It will also include timeframes for supplier deliveries and other nuances to the business,” said Cheryl Nichols, part of the Luxottica Bush Origami team.

Luxottica says it has also just employed 30 graduate optometrists ahead of its 2010 Graduate Program, to commence work across the business throughout Australia and New Zealand, with 90 per cent to work in regional and rural areas across Australia.