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Wednesday / June 19.
HomemiproductsAMO Blink Intensive Tears

AMO Blink Intensive Tears

High molecular weight eye drops help to increase moisture retention on eyes for longer time. Professor Claes Feinbaum, Professor Emeritus Optometry, Vision4You, Lund, Sweden reported a case of severe dry eye due to incomplete lid closure associated with loss of facial muscle motor function.

“We decided to switch the patient to a high molecular weight lubricating eye drop to see if she could achieve improvement in comfort or quality of vision. Five minutes after administration of Blink Intensive Tears, the patient reported immediate relief and said that her vision had improved. One hour after administration of
Blink Intensive Tears, she was comfortable and had no dry eye feelings or irritation and reported further improvement in vision. Three hours after administration of Blink Intensive Tears, the patient had a complete absence of ocular irritation and reported that she had excellent visual quality.”

Professor Giancarlo Montani, Professor of Optometry, Universita del Salento, Italy, also investigated Blink
Intensive Tears in 40 subjects, who used VDTs an average of six hours daily. “We performed Non Invasive Break Up Time (NIBUT) studies with a keratometer at baseline and after three weeks to evaluate the stability of the tear film without the use of fluorescein. In the non-contact lens group, NIBUT was 20 sec at baseline and 25 sec after three weeks of twice daily of blink Intensive Tears.”

Blink Intensive Tears is effective in providing long-lasting relief from dryness with improved vision quality.

For details, see: http://www.oteurope.com/ophthalmologytimeseurope/Dry+Eye

Blink Intensive Tears is now available from Abbott Medical Optics. Call: (AUS) 1800 266 111.