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Friday / March 1.
HomeminewsOneSight Tests 21,000

OneSight Tests 21,000

Luxottica’s OneSight Foundation has recently completed the much needed eye screening and testing of more than 21,000 South Africans during two fourteen-day clinics.

Partnering with Oprah’s Angels Network (OAN) and Mpilonhle, a school health and education outreach program, OneSight took the eye screening and testing clinics to the people instead of the patients having to travel to the clinics.

The most common eye problems included presbyopia, long and short sightedness, eyelid infections, corneal scarring, cataracts, untreated infections and physical trauma, as well as diabetic retinopathy, and a few patients had HIV retinopathy and corneal ulcers.

Recycled prescription glasses were donated to all those requiring vision correction. Each patient also received a free pair of sunglasses. A number of patients with serious eye disease were referred to the Department of Health in the local area for ophthalmic treatment.

Luxottica assembled an international team of optometrists and support staff with a total of 78 volunteers attending from countries including: Australia; New Zealand; South Africa, Italy; U.S.; Canada; England; Ireland; and China. The Australasian team included four optometrists, four dispensers and additional support staff.

Gina De George, OneSight Foundation’s Manager in Australia, said: “Luxottica has a growing business within South Africa and our strategy is to help people in the countries in which we operate as well as other countries experiencing severe economic and social hardship.”