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Monday / March 4.
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Facebook Eyes Speak

Ciba Vision has launched a new application on Facebook, the most widely used internet social network in the world.

The application is called ‘say it with your eyes’ and Ciba Vision says Facebook members have been “enriched by this entertaining and original new tool that communicates your mood to friends in real time.”

A spokesman for the company said: “The new application is based on the widespread use of Facebook for communicating your current mood and commenting on friends’ notes about it.

“The ‘say it with your eyes’ application uses ‘pupils’: the eyes wearing its contact lenses express a wide variety of emotions. By using these cute eyes you can select one of the many expressions, match it with a comment and publish your mood in a personal profile.

This application “expresses the importance of communicating with the eyes”. The ‘Say it with your eyes’ application on Facebook is part of Ciba Vision’s wider communication campaign to young people to convey how important eyes are in daily life.

“Eyes speak and can communicate much more than words alone. The eyes can express complicity, friendship, seduction and contact lenses make them freer to communicate, even on Facebook!” By next year it is predicted that 96 per cent of Generation Y would have joined a social network site such as Facebook.