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Wednesday / June 29.
HomeminewsMission Accomplished for Varilux Progressives

Mission Accomplished for Varilux Progressives

Essilor says “mission accomplished” in its quest earlier this year to have a Varilux Progressive Lens for everyone: For every patient and every practice, no matter what the prescription, budget or frame choice of the individual.

In February, the Varilux 360º Series was launched, offering a clear portfolio of digitally surfaced progressive lenses.

Essilor says a Varilux lens earns the name 360° by using two separate areas of Essilor Technology: proven progressive designs and Essilor’s Advanced Digital Surfacing Technology, incorporating unique optical calculation algorithms, software and specific manufacturing tools and processes.

“The progressive design is critical regardless of how the lens is surfaced,” says Tim Thurn, Director of Professional Services at Essilor Australia.

On this basis, the Varilux Comfort and Varilux Ellipse were enhanced with Essilor’s Advanced Digital Surfacing Technology, to create Varilux Comfort 360°, Varilux Ellipse 360° and Varilux Physio Short 360°, introduced in February.

According to Anne Guethoff, Marketing Manager at Essilor Australia: “Combining the benefits of a trusted design with the latest in digital surfacing, has proven to be very popular with practices that were looking for a digitally surfaced progressive lens offer in the medium price segment.”

The Varilux 360º Series was extended again in July this year, with the launch of Varilux Physio f-360°, a customised elite design that takes into account individual wearing parameters; and Varilux Physio Azio 360°, a progressive lens customised to the Asian ergonomics, facial and eye anatomy.

“Now, there is a Varilux 360º design for everyone, no matter what the need or expectation of the practitioner and patient is!” says Ms Guethoff. Varilux is the best selling progressive lens in the world and in fact, there is a new Varilux wearer every four seconds.



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