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Sunday / July 14.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 45, Apr 2010

mivision Issue 45, Apr 2010

Welcome to the April issue of mivision.

April already? Hard to believe… But even harder to believe is the story we bring you about the Nicholson brothers, a story of courage and inspiration that we’re certain will make you shake your head in amazement. Both brothers are blind, both are successful professionals, both are husbands and fathers and both are in the process of riding tandem racing bikes 4,000 kilometres from Perth – across the harsh Nullarbor Plains – to Sydney, to raise awareness of the plight of the blind and vision impaired.

When it comes to the world of eye care professionals, the name Professor Brien Holden is universally acknowledged. If you are one of the few who hasn’t heard of him, then chances are you’ve heard of one of the many organisations he has founded and fostered. Professor Brien’s contributions to the field of eye care have now been recognised by the Board of the Institute for Eye Research, with the renaming of that organisation to the ‘Brien Holden Vision Institute’. In this issue we outline the many feats of this dedicated and brilliant man.

Australians hold the dubious title of suffering more skin cancers than any other country on earth. The most common skin cancers are found on the face and the periorbital regions, with the lower eyelids most commonly affected and to a lesser degree, the upper eyelids. Ophthalmologist Dr. Raf Ghabrial discusses this problem and what should be done to counter it.

In Geoff Lawson’s column, the former international cricketer recalls how he dropped a catch hit by the great Sir Viv Richards, which led to Lawson, a qualified optometrist, to reassess the use of his plano glasses and trade them in for something which may have not only saved his career but improved his golf game.

Later this month, we remember one of the most solemn days on the Australian and New Zealand calendar, Anzac Day, by telling the story of two ophthalmologists who are also members of the Army Reserve. Both are colonels…one a woman who is the only Australian ophthalmologist who has served in a fighting zone as a medical director of a field hospital. The other is a well known practitioner. We give thanks to those who sacrificed for us in every theatre of war in which our troops have been involved.

You’ll be interested to discover that Google Analytics reports our new website – mivisionclean2.flywheelsites.com – is receiving nearly 3,000 unique visitors per month. We’re told this extraordinary in terms of web traffic. When you’re next at your computer have a look at mivision online.

Finally, we bring you the latest fashion news and examine the growing trend of western eyewear manufacturers outsourcing to Guangzhou, China. These manufacturers are debunking the cheap myth as they redefine the meaning of ‘Made in China’.

Enjoy this issue.

Mark Cushway


Contents: April 2010 mivision

news – mivision presents all the news both locally and from around the world. :

mistory – Blind Courage: Norm Lipson writes on the incredible story on the Nicholson brothers and their blind coruage

mistory – Making a Difference: Norm Lipson writes on Brien’s pioneering work in research and education and his efforts to make a difference.

mifeature – Eye Doctors with True ANZAC Spirit: ANZAC Day, the 25 April, is one of the most sacred days of the year for Australia and New Zealand, Norm Lipson writes on

mioptometry – Optometry Association Reports April 2010

mioptometry – SRC 2010 Spot on for CPD: Kirsty Machon brings the latest on the Southern Regional Congress (SRC).

miophthalmology – Eyelid Skin Cancers: Dr. Raf Ghabrial writes on how eyelid skin cancer may have a direct relationship to latitude.

micolumn– As I See It- Presbylasik Turning Back Time- Regualr columnist writes his latest views on Presbylasik.

miequipment – Must-Have Technology: Laura Binnie advises which latest technology is a must have.

mieyecare – Ben Ashby, Dr Qian Garrett and Professor Mark Will write on Lactoferrin, an innate membrane which forms part of the immune system.

mibusiness – Stop ‘Up Selling’ and Start ‘Down Selling’: John Lees writes on the latest technique for successful sellers in the optometry industry.

mibusiness – Industrial Relations Changes : Mark Overton brings to you the latest on industrial changes.

mibusiness – Financing Options for Your Business: Michael Fazzolari advises people who want to start a business by providing financial options.

mifashion News – the latest on all the fashion news and updates with Laura Binnie

mifashion – Seeing Without Boundaries – Lauran Binnie brings the latest on Sillhouette Eyewear.

mifashion – Made In China – Laura Binnie writes on ‘made in China products and finally infroms us on why this statement does not directly mean ‘poor quality’

miproducts – latest products

milenses – No Problems Only Solutions: Tim Thurn advises that high quality products is achievable with high technology.

The Last Word – Flow: A concept called Flow has been gaining momentum in the last couple of years.