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Sunday / July 14.
Homemieditorialmivison Issue 44, Mar 2010

mivison Issue 44, Mar 2010

Well, thank goodness the insults and spite from the Federal Government have ended and cooler heads have now prevailed. There is finally an agreement with eye surgeons on the cataract rebate and it seems as though the Australian Society of Ophthalmologists’ ‘Grandma’s Not Happy’ Campaign had an impact. Read all about the resolution in News.

Also, have you noticed how many online stores have popped up in recent months, selling contact lenses and eyewear? In News we report on some recent developments in the burgeoning cyberspace.

This month, as we lead into World Glaucoma Week (7 to 13 March) and turn our focus to World Glaucoma Day on Friday 12 March, we look at the frightening truth – not only does Glaucoma cause irreversible blindness, but it can also take hold before a patient is even aware they have it. We take a closer look at this silent thief of sight affecting over 300,000 Australians and look at how you can make your patients aware of the importance of early diagnosis and seeking appropriate treatment. We would like to thank Associate Professor Ivan Goldberg and Dr. Paul Healey for their contributions to this important feature.

In this issue we also take a look at what to expect from the profession of optometry in Australia over the next 20 years. Leading students from the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University of New South Wales predict what changes could occur to the theory and practical side of the profession, how the education system is set to transform as well as the inevitable impact of our ageing population on the eye care industry.

We also talk to the first person in Australia and one of the first in the world, to have the laser eye operation PresbyLASIK performed. Ricki Kerr had the operation performed by ophthalmologist Dr. Patrick Versace from the Vision Eye Institute. She is ecstatic at the results and how it has enhanced her life.

In the business section, John Lees has created a simple visual device that helps you determine how you rate as a manager and we also have an article on the importance of decision-making and why saying ‘YEStoday’ will lead to a much better tomorrow.

Finally, we present the latest fashion news, including a profile on one third of the Danish eyewear brand Orgreen Optics, Henrick Orgreen, as well as a feature on Australian fashion designers and what they predict will be the new black in eyewear for 2010.

There’s all this and more in this issue of mivision.


Mark Cushway

Contents: March 2010 mivision

News – mivision presents all the news both locally and from around the world.

mistory Glaucoma:The Silent Thief of Sight: managing dry eye and Ocular surface disorders.

mifeature – Optomoetry students look at the anticipated changes to optomoetry in Australia in the next 20 years.

mifeature – Norm Lipson writes on Dr. Peter Herse’s teaching and mentoring of optomoetrists.

miophthalmology – Norm Lipson writes on the newest laser treatment.

micolumn – A view from the former cricket player Geoff Lawson

mioptometry – Optometry Association Report. Happenings and events from Australia and New Zealand’s Optometry Division

milenses – No Problems Only Solutions. As the consumer market struggles to return to normality, we examine how the vision correction retail space has been affected by recessionary pressures, writes Tim Thurn.

mieyecare – Contact Lense deposition. Kay Shih looks at the increasing occurence of patient non-compliance with daily disposable lenses.

mieyecare – Time to Comply. Allen Ared writes on educating Non-compliant Daily Disposable patients.

mibusiness – How you Rate as a Manager. John Lees discusses simple visual devices that can be used to determin where managers sit in terms of their ‘style’ in leading people and achieving results.

mibusiness – Say yes today for a better tomorrow. Jo Humpries encourage us to make a decision today to help develope eyecare in developing countries.

mifashion News – The latest fashion news reported by Laura Binnie

mifashion – Orgreen: The Heart in the design. Henrick Orgreen talks about the shaky start to his optical design career

mifashion – An Eye for fashion. mivision speaks to four local eyewear designers about what gets there creative juices flowing. By Laura Binnie

miproducts – mivision showcases four new hot products: Optica Contemporary Readers, Optovue’s nwe OCT and Allergan Gainford eye drops.

The Last Word – The Swiss Cheese Model. We share a story of near disaster and discuss how systems, no matter how fool-proof, have holes in them – kind of like swiss Cheese.