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Monday / April 15.
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Genop’s Business Solution

General Optical’s new Integrated Supply Chain (ISC) strategy began to roll out across independent optometry practices in Australia and New Zealand from early May 2010.

General Optical (GenOp) head Peter Lewis presented the ISC in April to a group of the profession’s leaders including; Claudio Gottardi, CEO of Marchon; Cam Battaglia from Provision; Michael Jacobs of Eyecare Plus; Michael Kotow from Eyecare Partners; Colin Kangisser from Blink and Ives Palmer from Optifashion.

Mr. Gottardi was highly impressed with the presentation, describing GenOP’s ISC strategy as the “solution for the future”.

Mr. Lewis says the ISC strategy which General Optical is hoping independent optometrists will adopt, utilises the assets of GenOp to achieve an efficient, cost effective operating solution to allow independent optometrists to build a successful and sustainable business focused on vision care.

“Our main aim is to support independent optometry, to add value to their businesses, to do something different, and to be able to be competitive in the future. We believe we can to assist them to build successful businesses in every way.”

“The practice performance of an independent optometrist is greatly enhanced when connected to an ISC,” says Mr. Lewis

This, he says, is due to convenience and simplicity of operation; margin improvement; greater inventory control; increased staff productivity; improved practice attraction for existing and potential patients and increased time to focus on patient relationships and clinical eye care.

Explaining the process, Mr. Lewis says: “The optical practice will use our (ISC) practice management system to order frames and lenses from general optical who will then process the lenses and fit these to the frames, and will then send these back to the optical practice. This is all done electronically and can be tracked online.”

He says that GenOp would support the new ISC business model with a range of features including:

  • State of the art IT systems
  • Automated logistics processes for ordering frames and lenses; automated inventory management
  • Automated ordering and tracking technologies
  • Latest practice design and refurbishment such as new ideas to refurbish existing practices so they can compete aesthetically with competitors
  • Marketing tools and programs e.g. the Optolink online marketing tool which allows optometrists to search the frame library, send out email reminders and promotions and create their own website
  • Product and staff training

Another feature is the RX sunglass program, which offers optometrists a way to compete with the large chains by ordering the frames together with the lenses at a discounted price.

“So far every practice that has adopted this sunglass program has had amazing results and has generated extra revenue that they didn’t have before… even without marketing,” says Mr. Lewis.

GenOp says with the ISC it also hopes to ensure that eye care professionals have the very best IT systems available at their disposal which will greatly improve efficiency, operational cost effectiveness and management control.

“The ISC is an opportunity to take your existing practice and grow your business from the patient base that you already have,” says Mr. Lewis.