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Monday / July 22.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 48, Jul 2010

mivision Issue 48, Jul 2010

Welcome to the July issue of mivision.

There’s a problem in rural and regional Australia… and it’s a problem that eye care professionals have a role in easing and ameliorating.

The problem is a lack of general health services and specifically, a major shortage of optometrists and ophthalmologists.

In country areas, the optometrist not only prescribes glasses, but also has the duty of therapeutically healing or diagnosing eye health concerns such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygium and ocular trauma.

It is widely known that rural optometrists encounter more ocular pathology than their urban counterparts.

In this issue, we have devoted a great deal of space to dissecting the problem and asking for solutions. Final year Optometry students Jennifer So and Katrina Chim have written a very well researched piece which shows how and why the seven million Australians in country areas suffer a lack of eye care.

Their study is punctuated by the very latest statistics in which they demonstrate how the differing population demographics between rural and urban areas will obviously be reflected in the optometric practice’s patient base. They say a rural optometrist would expect to see more elderly people, more males and more indigenous people than their peers in urban areas.

If we all agree that the country areas are under represented when it comes to eye health, then we need an answer. To that end mivision has asked some of the leaders in the profession for their thoughts on the matter and how we can overcome this imbalance. If the profession can implement just some of their ideas, then country residents and indigenous communities will be far better for it.

And to illustrate how attractive and interesting rural optometry can be, we’ve published two features which we believe you will find not only interesting, but instructive.

One is about a country practice in Gunnedah, NSW, where former resident Alison Stuart returned to practice full-time after experiencing optometry work in the big smoke for many years. She has joined the enormously busy practice of Tim Duffy… and couldn’t be happier. It’s not just the work that she loves – it’s the lifestyle.

Another feature we believe will enthrall you is the story of the Flying Optometrist, Geoff Fitzpatrick. He’s been flying around rural Queensland for the past 38 years servicing the eye care needs of neglected communities. And at 61 years of age, when many are thinking of retirement, Geoff intends to continue working because so many people in these regional and remote areas depend on him.

Although we have devoted a great deal of space to this very important topic, this issue of mivision also has its very popular features on eyecare, ophthalmology, business, fashion and all the latest news of interest to our readers.


Mark Cushway

Contents July 2010 mivision

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mifeature: The Flying Optometrist: After 38 years of practicing as an optometrist, Geoff Fitzpatrick continues to fly his light aircraft.

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miophthalmology: Adult Strabismus Surgery: Dr. Frank J Martin speaks of spectacular surgery to rectify Adult Strabismus.

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mioptometry: optometry association reports, mivsion to bring the lastest on the happenings and events from the optometry divisions in Australia and NZ

mievent: SRC 2010 Review, the modern elegance of the mebourne Exhibition Center, Anja Barisic takes us inside.

milenses: Nikon, The power of Branding: Laura Binnie writes on Lenses which comein a variety of designs and materials, coatings, and treatments

mieyecare: Dry Eye In Diabetic Patients: Dr. Gunter Wong writes on how dry eye induced diabetes is often overlooked.

mibusiness: Connecting the Dots in Optometry: Jenny Saunders writes on how toric and multifocal contacts lenses will give you the edge.

mibusiness: Work Life Balance: John Less writes on how to move out of your Business Comfort Zones.

Graduate Night of Nights: Laura Binnie take us inside a spectauclar event held at Dockside in Darling Harbour Sydney.

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mifasion news: all the lastes fashion with Laura Binnie.

midesigner: Jean Francois Rey: The Man Behind the Brand: mivision steals away JF Rey for an exclusive interview to reveal about his collections and inspirations.

mifashion: Eyewear for the Ageing Eye: Laura Binnie writes on different types of eyewear to suit the ageing eye.

The Last Word: mivision reminds us to focus on the main game, the patient in front of you.