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Monday / May 20.
Homeminews53,000 Scan a Second OCT Installed

53,000 Scan a Second OCT Installed

Designs for Vision (DFV) has installed the first Nidek RS-3000 OCT in Australia and the recipient is Sydney Optometrist Clifford Chong.

The RS3000 captures 53,000 A-scans in a second, greatly reducing measurement times and minimising artifacts. Six layer auto recognition and 3D layer peel back, enables the user not only to capture retinal pathology, but remove one layer at a time until its origins are revealed.

Nidek says it has the widest field of view of any SLO (40 degrees) and widest scan of 9 x 9mm. Other unique features are: Ease of use with unique “optimisation” (effectively an auto focus feature); Auto tracking function for ultimate repeatability on follow up exams (based on Nidek’s excimer laser eye trackers); Scan through pupils as small as 2.5mm and still have a good reference image, and Ganglion Cell Complex (GCC) analysis from standard macula scan. Cornea/Anterior segment OCT is an available option.

“The SLO image is so clear, and being in real time I can actually conduct a virtual ophthalmoscope examination, change the fixation, and scan any point of pathology I identify,” says Mr. Chong.

“The field of view is large as well. Furthermore, with the 4 micron resultant OCT image, any ocular pathology and 6-layer identification are obvious. It is truly an enhancement to my practice.”