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Sunday / June 23.
Homemieditorialmivision Issue 52, Nov 2010

mivision Issue 52, Nov 2010

Welcome to the November issue of mivision.

As Spring slowly turns to Summer, November heralds the start of the beach season. With Australia’s enormous coastline, more people will gravitate to the surf as the weather gets warmer. However, there is a danger lurking in those coastal waters… and no, it’s not just the sharks. It’s those pointy nosed surfboards and razor sharp fins which are responsible for many gruesome eye injuries. A team from the Save Sight Institute is trying to raise awareness, using this edition of mivision to launch a major prospective study to document the extent of the problem.

We are proud to relay the inspirational story of Jenna Owen, a leading young optometry student who is also the first Indigenous Australian to graduate as an optometrist in NSW. Overcoming some monumental hurdles, her story is compelling reading. Just as inspiring is the work of Vietnam Vision. Now in its eighth year, the charitable organisation has saved the sight of almost 4,000 people using Australian technology and volunteers. In this impoverished nation, saving someone’s sight can, quite literally, save their life.

A fascinating piece in our eye care section looks at bio-inspiration, or the study of nature to inspire technological innovation. Bio-inspiration has led to some remarkable discoveries, impacting everything from fabrics and cosmetics to building design, solar cells, x-ray technology… even now vision care.

Dr. David McKay continues his informative series on macular degeneration. Even though the treatment of dry AMD is still out of reach, he tells mivision of some exciting new treatments and possibilities for improving visual acuity in wet AMD.

In our business section, we examine the battle between service and price. Which way will your practice go? Are you seeking customers who value their optometrist as a medical professional and who are prepared to pay top dollar? Or should you cater to those who view a visit to the optometrist as a necessary evil, and who want more ‘bang for their buck’, regardless of quality?

In the fashion section, we focus on children’s eyewear. These are loud, fun and hip enough that kids will actually want to wear their specs. We look at the enormous potential to build your business by focussing more on selling optical eyewear and sunglasses from toddlers through to teens.

Our writers have been busy covering optometry events around Australia over the past couple of month. We attended the launch of the new optometry clinic at UNSW; were motivated by the extraordinary speakers at ProVision’s Focus 2010 Conference in Melbourne; were inspired by Olympic Gold Medallist Steven Bradbury at the Eyecare Plus AGM and Awards dinner; and were educated and informed by the OAA’s Tasmania Congress.

In our popular Last Word we look at ‘mind over matter’ – learning to harness.

Mark Cushway


News: The latest news on optics from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

mistory: a danger disguised beneath the waves that rarely gets exposed, the number of eye injuries caused by surfboards.

mifeature: in Vietnam, a little amount of money is all it takes to change someone’s life forever. A report on the Vietnam Vision Project

mifeature: We profile optometry student Jenna Owen. Her story is truly inspiring, proving that where there is a will… and an opportunity… anything is possible.

miopthalmology: advances in science has led to a discovery that AMD can be treated to improve visual acuity.

micolumn: November the last month of Spring, the nation looks forward to the looming Summer holidays and winding down for the year.

mioptometry: The OAA state divisions report on the important happenings and events that effect members of their local optometry division.

mieyecare: Bio-inspiration, the study of nature to inspire innovation, has lead to remarkable discoveries that have impacted everything even contact lens.

mibusiness: looking at how to strikng a battle between service and price when dealing with customers.

mibusiness: how to enhance your digital online strategies to further enhance online communication with your customers.

miproducts: The latest optical products from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

mifashion news: The latest fashion news in optics from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

mifashion: all the latest trends from various brands for kids frames which are absolutely in your face!

The Last Word: The Mind Matters: Could the success of your business hinge on the random thoughts that fill your head?