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Thursday / May 30.
Homemiproducts1.74 Transitions at Opticare

1.74 Transitions at Opticare

Opticare claims it can now supply the highest index Transitions lens in the world.

The 1.74 Transitions is available in Freeform Progressives SmartPro, Delta and Clearpro. It is also available as Single Vision Grind but is not available as a stock lens.

The 1.74 Transitions lens has Abbe Value of 32 which is similar to 1.67 so there is no loss of optical quality. Opticare says it now produces the thinnest photo-chromic lens from its Sydney Laboratory. Add Opticare’s Platinium EP Multicoat and, Opticare Managing Director George Nasser claims, you have “the ultimate product”.

For more information contact Opticare on (AUS) 1800 251 852.